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The extraordinary human capacity for invention in the field of communication never ceases to amaze us. In times marked by the revolution of communication between individuals, extremely unique forms of communication still exist, such as, for example, the whistled language of the island of La Gomera, on the Canary Islands, which we wrote about recently. While there are many more examples of long-...
Cultural Differences
If you’re an international negotiator, you will probably have already been faced with an uncomfortable situation during a professional meeting. Whether you are young or you already have twenty years of experience in business, you have probably already been baffled by the cultural idiosyncrasies of some of your business associates... And that is completely normal! Cultural codes are sometimes...
Did you know...?
In the 1980s, in the province of Hunan, in China, a writing system was discovered that was used exclusively among women. Today, investigators are trying to discover the history of this alphabet: Was it as secret language? A way to defy men? An obligation or a door to freedom? [TOC] 1. What do we know about Nüshu today? Discovered by linguists in the 1980s, Nüshu is a writing system that was...
When you need to carry out administrative procedures at official organisations or institutions or submit documentation at an administration or at the court, you may often feel confused when faced with specific translation terminology. Today we will examine three types of translation whose characteristics are often confused. What is the difference between sworn, official and certified translation...
Business Abroad
Negotiation, often perceived as a tug-of-war between two parties, is the basis of a commercial relationship. In the case of international negotiation, there are often more interests at play and the difficulties are usually greater. On one hand, this is because of the high degree of anticipation and preparation required by international negotiation. On the other hand, it is due to the fact that...
Nowadays it is widely accepted that in 50 years China will be the greatest economic and military strength in the world. What is already clear is that China is the “world’s factory” and, although there may be doubts as to the quality of the products manufactured in China, it is a well-know fact that the majority of the big European and American brands manufacture in China. Nobody would question...
Language Technology
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 closed its doors in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Over 3,900 exhibitors displayed the global trends in the field of innovation at the largest technological fair of the year. The development of artificial intelligence in the field of languages and wearable technology particularly caught our attention. One of the latest developments is about to become a...
The American continent as a whole is one of the most dynamic regions in the world and its economy grows on a par with its imports (+10% in 2017) and exports. Economic collaboration between both regions is a priority for the European Union, as demonstrated by the free trade agreement that will soon enter into force with Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay). [TOC] If you’re thinking...
Business Abroad
More than five hundred years after the arrival of the Spanish language in Latin America, it has developed quite differently on the two sides of the Atlantic. When travelling to a Spanish speaking country on the American continent, including the United States, the differences between European and Latin American Spanish can lead to often funny, sometimes embarrassing and, in some cases, irreparable...
Business Abroad
If you had a full tool box, you wouldn’t dream of tightening a screw with a saw, or cutting a piece of wood with a screwdriver. It is abundantly clear that in each case you would use the correct tool, making your job easier and preventing unwanted situations. [TOC] International trade provides us with a series of tools which, when used correctly, make certain procedures much easier, just like the...